Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eye Infection..OUCH!!

Sorry for the lack of wanting to update. I've been suffering from a horrible and hideous eye infection and don't really feel like doing anything but maybe mope around because I look A MESS! *sigh* My self-esteem is at a major low right now...

Anyways..my Aromaleigh mineral eyeshadows order came in the other day so I've been playing with it a little. I've been applying it to my non-infected eye =D. hahaha. I'll post up pictures/swatches/reviews/ect as soon as I can. I ordered a few of the full size colors as well as the sample baggies. And I also ordered their Eye Primer/Base, which I'm loving at the moment. If you've never heard of Aromaleigh, you should definitely visit their sight. They've got some beautiful eyeshadow colors at affordable prices. -->www.aromaleigh.com ..and tell me what you guys think =]

That's enough update for now. With this infected eye, all I've been wanting to do is sleep. So off to bed I'll be going. 'nite guys <3


WIFEY INE. said...

AH! I know all too well how you're feeling right now! I don't have an eye infection but I started to get eczema on my eye lids which make them puffy, wrinkly, dry and flakey at times. I constantly apply Aquaphor to keep them moisturized.
Anyway, I hope you get better so you can feel better. :) Thanks for recommendation for the site. I'll def check that out.

Karen said...

Aw, sorry to hear about your eye infection :( I've had two myself in the past couple of years and it does suck - can't wear contacts or any makeup for the whole week while I'm using the prescription eye drops. AND I have to throw out all the makeup I used like the past few days before I got the infection...not to mention the contact lenses I was using.
I hope your eye heals soon!

Riny said...

i have nominated you for 3 awards and tag post xD
i love your blog. ^ ^

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