Sunday, November 22, 2009


Went to the football tournament yesterday to support the boyfriend's football team. It was unfortunate his team didn't make use of his talent. They won one game and lost the other. Babe went home disappointed. It's okay though, there's always next time...i guess.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Hunnie

Celebrated the boyfriend's 25th birthday this weekend. He had such a good time. He's truly the best and he deserves only the best. LOVE you so much babe =)

he adores me..hahhaha

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm in LOVE...

I walked into Sephora Saturday and absolutely fell in love with this palette...

she's so freaken beautiful!! I walked around Sephora, with this palette in my hand, for 30 minutes contemplating whether I was going to get it or not. Only problem is it's over fifty bucks. I've never spent fifty bucks on one single makeup item before. But this wasn't just any ole palette. It was a Tarte Palette, loaded with 16 shimmer shadows, 16 matte shadows, 16 lip glosses, a bronzing and illuminating powder,and 4 blushes!! All for only fifty bucks?!! At this point, I was like.."I have to get it. I'd be an idiot if I didn't"

*sigh*.. I honestly am in love with this package. All the colors are so vibrant and so beautiful. It sits quite beautifully on top of my makeup desk and every time I walk pass it, I find myself turning around, grabbing it, opening it, and admiring it (at least 3 times everyday so far..haha). I totally recommend this palette. Paying 52 bucks for something that is really worth over 600 bucks is sooooo worth it.

Along with this, I also bought two of Benefits creaseless cream shadows. They came together in a cute lil baggie for only 10 dollars, so it was definitely a must buy. I haven't used these yet but have heard good reviews on them.

Anyways..let's get started with the swatches.

The 16 Shimmer Eyeshadows..

The 16 Matte Eyeshadows..

The Lip Glosses..

The Blushes

These are actual Tarte size eyeshadows. So it's not like you're getting a sample of everything, you're actually getting it in it's full-size. Quantity, plus Quality? This is an A ++ buy.

Here are the creaseless cream shadows..

Honey bunny (pinkish) and Recess (light beige-y/ivory)

Also...I was given an award by Crystal, Erica, and April =) It's good to know that someone out there likes reading my blog. LOLz. Thank you ladies so much ^^

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I pass this award too these lovely ladies..

le midget

Here's a photo of the month..i found this while snooping around my girlfriend's myspace. LOLz. It was a party we attended last month.