Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm in LOVE...

I walked into Sephora Saturday and absolutely fell in love with this palette...

she's so freaken beautiful!! I walked around Sephora, with this palette in my hand, for 30 minutes contemplating whether I was going to get it or not. Only problem is it's over fifty bucks. I've never spent fifty bucks on one single makeup item before. But this wasn't just any ole palette. It was a Tarte Palette, loaded with 16 shimmer shadows, 16 matte shadows, 16 lip glosses, a bronzing and illuminating powder,and 4 blushes!! All for only fifty bucks?!! At this point, I was like.."I have to get it. I'd be an idiot if I didn't"

*sigh*.. I honestly am in love with this package. All the colors are so vibrant and so beautiful. It sits quite beautifully on top of my makeup desk and every time I walk pass it, I find myself turning around, grabbing it, opening it, and admiring it (at least 3 times everyday so far..haha). I totally recommend this palette. Paying 52 bucks for something that is really worth over 600 bucks is sooooo worth it.

Along with this, I also bought two of Benefits creaseless cream shadows. They came together in a cute lil baggie for only 10 dollars, so it was definitely a must buy. I haven't used these yet but have heard good reviews on them.

Anyways..let's get started with the swatches.

The 16 Shimmer Eyeshadows..

The 16 Matte Eyeshadows..

The Lip Glosses..

The Blushes

These are actual Tarte size eyeshadows. So it's not like you're getting a sample of everything, you're actually getting it in it's full-size. Quantity, plus Quality? This is an A ++ buy.

Here are the creaseless cream shadows..

Honey bunny (pinkish) and Recess (light beige-y/ivory)

Also...I was given an award by Crystal, Erica, and April =) It's good to know that someone out there likes reading my blog. LOLz. Thank you ladies so much ^^

The Rules:

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I pass this award too these lovely ladies..

le midget

Here's a photo of the month..i found this while snooping around my girlfriend's myspace. LOLz. It was a party we attended last month.


Karen said...

Awww, thank you for passing the award onto me :)
Love the Tarte palette - I love how there's matte shadows and shimmery shadows separated in the same palette! Great swatches as well and that's nice of you to note that it's full sized eye shadows - I honestly wouldn't have guessed it myself.
And you look fab in your photo!

Anonymous said...

OOOH that is not a bad deal!!! I went into Sephora over the weekened and I tried my best to hold back, it's tough lol especially if you get your money's worth from it all :)

ligia said...

The palette is definitely a great buy!
Unfortunately, we don't have a Sephora in Australia. :(

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

aww..thank you for the award. I'm gonna have to update my blog pretty soon now..hehe......

btw, LOVE the palette's!

Sher said...

oohh yeah that palette seems to be popular!! I want it just for the mattes lol oh and thanks for the tag!!

mynameisROTH said...

you're sooo pretty! one of the prettiest i've ever seen lol. anywho, thanks for the award! i'll try to post an entry of it soon. i have to do my sister's makeup for homecoming tonight. maybe i'll post up some pics for my next blog entry about it.

leslielovesmakeup said...

you're lookin hot and thanks for the post! this is the one i definitely want want want! i saw the smashbox review and it doesn't sound so great and these colors look much more awesome!

thanksfor the award too! ur a sweetheart <3

Anonymous said...

thanks for the award girl:))))i will find time to do a post about it.

love the palette by the way, very pretty colors!

Beauty by Cydia Angie said...

omg i wanted to get the tarte palette too..i was looking at it for like 15mins.. should i get it? should i get it? but it's so the end.. no i didn't get it.. i was like..i didn't do well on my mid-term and i shouldn't get it =[
btw, you're VERY pretty

witoxicity said...

Oh, I would fall in love with this palette too if I saw it in my Sephora! 52 bucks is reasonable seeing how many different shades you get. :)

paperbagprincesscosmetics said...

Awww you are so pretty!
I have this palette too, its pretty good, I switch it up with my UD Book of Shadows VOL II! I like the tarte treasure chest becuase its got so many matte shadows, which is a nice change of pace.

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

The colours of your make-up is beautiful!

xoxo, thn

D's Beauty Corner said...

I'm drooling over that Tarte palette right now....