Saturday, January 30, 2010

Product of the Day...Revlon Colorstay Mineral Eye Shadow

I bought these on clearance at Walgreens for less than 3 dollars each. I really like these! The colors are so light and luminous. They give off a soft healthy glow. I've been wearing these a lot on days that I dress down. Would I repurchase this product? probably yes.

Smokey Quartz

Next one..

Tiger Eye

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product of the Day...EOS Lip balm

EOS lipbalm in Summer Fruit

This is a somewhat new thing that's taken all lip balm lovers by surprise. This lip balm is quite interesting because unlike most lip balms/chapsticks, it comes in a spherical, egg-shape thingie. No twisting, no finger dipping, what you see is what you get. Despite it's cool shape, what really counts is in the inside and honestly, I'm not liking it too much....

According to its website, this balm is 95% organic and 100% natural. It promises long lasting moisture and will keep lips looking and feeling healthy. I was really excited about trying this. To my disappointment, it wasn't that great. I had to go over my lips with the balm about 5 to 6 times before being satisfied. One swipe will leave a thin layer of almost nothing there. It isn't long lasting either. Would I purchase it again? Nope. I'll just stick to my Burt's Bees Chapstick =)

That's it for now folks..Toodles!! ^_^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Swatches and Reviews

I just happen to own three of these and thought I'd share some swatches with you guys =)

Copper Chic

Irresistibly Ivy

Sapphire Siren

and these are the swatches...

top row: Sapphire Siren
middle row: Copper Chic
bottom row: Irresistibly Ivy

My first impression of these were, "WOW! they're gorgeous!!"..but after using them, they're just "okay". The colors are very shimmery, not an overpowering kind of shimmer but a rather pretty shimmer. I think they are very pretty. BUT...the colors don't apply on the shades they appear to be. When you swatch them on your hands/arms, they're super pigmented but when applying onto the eyelids they kind of loose that bright color appearance and instead show up kinda dull and blah. I find that it's better to apply them with the sponge applicators that they come with because you can very easily brush the colors off if using a brush. The only shades I really like are the highlighting shades. They're perfect for applying near your inner tear ducts and just beneath the brow. Would I repurchase this? probably not.

Here's a quick EOTD using the Sapphire Siren Palette. (like I said, not very true to its color)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i-Divine Sleek Palette in Original

This was ordered from ebay for me for my birthday last month for about $15.00. I've been using it a lot lately. I absolutely love this palette. The colors are so soft and so pigmented, almost creamy in a sense. You hardly get any fall outs. The only color that needs a little work is the yellow one. The yellow shade is not very pigmented and you get a lot of fall outs. I love, love, loooove this palette!! These colors are so versatile. The two pink colors are my favorite.

The colors are gorgeous!! I recommend this palette to everyone and anyone. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite palettes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Too Faced's Glamour To Go Palettes I and II

I purchased these two palettes from Sephora over the holiday for about 20 bucks each. They're great investments for makeup beginners. They come complete with 8 eyeshadows, 4 glosses, and a blusher. Everything is quite pigmented, only downfall are the glosses. Although I've only tried one of the glosses, I can already say that I won't be trying the others. haha. I think they're just way too thick and way too sticky. I made a freaken mess out of one of the glosses just trying to dig out some color to use.

Palette number ONE: The pink one

Although three out of the eight shadows are a bit chalky, the decent pigmentation makes it worth the buy. The purple shadow is my favorite. The blush is pretty. Glosses-don't quite like them. The only thing that bothers me (besides the overly sticky glosses) is that the chalky shadows have too much shimmer. I feel like too much shimmer takes away from the pigmentation of a color. If I were to pick one palette over the other, I'd probably buy the other one....which brings us to our next subject...

Palette number TWO: The black one

This is the better palette of the two. All the colors are beautiful, perfect for day or night use. The blush is very pretty. All the shadows are shimmery but not too shimmery. you know? haha. The top-right color is gorgeous!

Here are the swatches..