Saturday, January 30, 2010

Product of the Day...Revlon Colorstay Mineral Eye Shadow

I bought these on clearance at Walgreens for less than 3 dollars each. I really like these! The colors are so light and luminous. They give off a soft healthy glow. I've been wearing these a lot on days that I dress down. Would I repurchase this product? probably yes.

Smokey Quartz

Next one..

Tiger Eye


Karen said...

What a deal! I can't believe what a good price you got them at :) I use to use Revlon eye shadows throughout highschool and they did the job at the time....I found them a bit chalky though once I could afford better brands. But I'm sure they've improved their formula since :) I'm glad you like them and they do look really pigmented!

LOLanne said...

wahhh... i can't believe you got these for that cheap!! arent they 10-15$ regular price? you lucky girl :PP


Jessica Mai : said...

woo! What a deal!

I havnt had much luck with Revlon shadows, but after seeing this post, Ill definitely give them another try.

BTW, Im so glad I read your EOS lip balm review. I was about to go back to the drugstore tomrw to purchase because I thought the packaging was soo cute and diiferent.

Jess Mai

Susie said...

Wow for $3 they aren't bad!