Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New LipGloss

I bought me a new lipgloss from MAC yesterday. I was having a hard time trying to pick out a color/finish. This would be my FIRST official MAC lipgloss =] It was between MAC's tinted Lipglass in Underage or PRRR. The MUA recommended PRRR over Underage so that's the one I ended up buying.

I happen to like this lipgloss a lot. It's staying power is awesome and the color is very pretty. Although I sorta wish that I'd bought it in Underage instead, but oh wells. I can always go back and buy it. A girl can never have too many lipglosses. haha.

A lipgloss that I'm really liking at the moment is my Milani lipgloss in Glitz and Glam. Although it's a bit drying, the color is just so pretty. I always have to go over it with a clear gloss to give it better staying power. I would definitely LOVE a lipstick in this color, but until then..I'll just stick with this.

And of course I can't forget my favorite lip product of the moment, my MAC tendertone lip balm in Tender Baby.

I carry this thing everywhere with me. It feels so good on the lips, not too sticky and not too greasy. I just love it! It gives off a sheer color, which sits beautifully on top of any color lipstick. It's my favorite of the moment, at least until I lose it. Yes, yes..I'm one of those girls. I loose things very (too) easily, especially when it comes to lip products. It's a bad habbit =/

Friday, September 18, 2009

I bought some goodies from sephora today =D . Being that I'm a broke college student, my super awesome boyfriend was kind enough to let me spoil myself just a little bit. He hates buying me makeup more than anything because he says I've got too many. But what can i say, makeup makes me happy. Sorry babe ;)

My Prince Charming est. 030308

So technically I had a budget to stick by. I had to buy something I needed and didn't already have, and something I absolutely couldn't resist getting. This is what I ended up with...

I used to use the Laura Mercier Primer but always felt like it didn't do anything for my skin. From that experience, I got the impression that a facial primer just wasn't necessary. But lately I've been noticing that my foundation has been rubbing off very easily on things. My makeup left this huge brown stain on my son's white polo shirt this morning =/ . So I'm going to give this facial primer thing another try. Hopefully this Bare Escentuals Primer is a lot better.

I've had my eyes on this Too Faced Palette forever! The best part about it is that it comes with the shadow insurance (I'm almost out of my UDPP). What a coincidence right?! The shadows are just so vibrant. I just HAD to HAVE it!! *sigh* my boyfriend's going to be mad. I went over my budget =/

I've got class in a little bit so I probably won't get the swatches up until later. But believe me when I say that these colors are so gorgeous. Eeeek! I'm so excited!!


Here's the color swatches from my Too Faced Palette.

Top: Full Frontal, Socialite, Skinny Dip
Bottom: Glamazon, Boy Toy, Lucky Charms

I'll probably do a tutorial with them later on this week. The colors are so pretty!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Niki's contest/giveaway!!

Niki is having an awesome contest/giveaway. She's giving away a few Benefit cosmetic products to one lucky winner. Her rules are simple (1) Must be a follower (2)Must blog about her contest, including a link to her page (3) Tell her your top 5 favorite Benefit products.

Contest Ends Sept. 30, 2009

Niki's Blog

I think I'll probably host a contest too when I reach my hundredth follower =]. I'm almost there...yyaaah

Monday, September 14, 2009

Purple EOTD...

I wore yellow today but somehow wanted my eyeshadow to be purple..I didn't turn out looking quite as tacky as I thought I would. haha. but anyways. here goes my EOTD..

and these were the products I used for my eyes...

[1] First I applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion
[2] Went over my lid with my JANE Agua Eyestix in 01 Island Breeze
[3] and then I went over that with my NYX ultra Pearl Mania in...hmm..turns out I peeled off the sticker so I don't really know what it's call (sorry!) It's the light purple color.
[4] Next, used the purple in my HIP Duo in Flamboyant all over the crease. You want to make sure to blend everything nicely.
[5] Used the the darker color in my HIP Duo in Sculpted all over the outer corner of my lids. BLENDED some more.
[6] I ended up going over the lids again, this time with the purple color from my Amuse Diamond Eyeshadow Palette.
[8] I lined my eyes with my NYX eye pencil in Extreme Black and then traced over it with my MAC eyeshadow in shadowy lady.
[9] Applied 2 coats of mascara (Rimmel Glam'eyes)...DONE

wow..the list looks super long =/ but in actuality, it didn't take me that long to finish this look off. It was fast and easy.

For my face and lips, I used these products..

Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer. A sample of the Dermadoctor Tease Zone Oil Control Gel from Sephora. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC30. NYX concealer in Beige. Stila Bronzing Powder in Shade 02 and illuminating finishing powder in Gold. NYX blush in Angel.

Salley Hansen Prep & Perfect lipcare. NYX round lipstick in Iris. Maybelline Superstay Gloss in shade 103.

Smoke and Diamond's having a Contest giveaway. She's giving out any ONE Victoria's Secret Eyeshadow and your choice of the eye primer or eyeliner pencil. Exciting huh? Her rules are super simple. Contest ends Sept. 18 so hurry up guyss!!

Smoke And Diamond's Blog

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smashbox Curtain Call


Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

Great news everyone!! Smashbox is having a huge last minute curtain call sale. The prices are absolutely amazing. I happen to be a huge Smashbox fan so I'm super excited. Even better, shipping is free on ALL orders!

Friday, September 4, 2009


You know what? I don't even know what FOTD stands for...LOLz. Hopefully it corresponds with what I'm blogging about today.

Anyways. I was playing with both of my AMUSE palettes today and came up with this really pretty natural look.

What I basically used was (please refer to my swatches on my previous post)..

1. The Yellow from the Flower Palette as my base (all over the lid and bottom lashline)
2. The bronzey brown from the 8-color pallete all over the area slightly above the crease.
3. Blend it nicely with my blending brush.
4. Went over the crease with the darker brown from the Flower palette.
5. Blend it again.
6. Applied liner (Rimmel Kohl Liner) and mascara (Rimmel Glam'eyes-2 coats)...and DONE.

simple, natural, and very easy

For my face I used..
1. Merlot's Grape Seed Moisturizer (LOOOVE this stuff)
2. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC30
3. NYX concealer in Beige
4. Laura Mercier Brow liner in Brunette
5. E.L.F Blush and Bronzer dual, I only used the Bronzer.
6. NYX powder Blush in Angel

For my lips I used..
1. NYX round lipstick in Strawberry Milk (just slightly)
2. NYX round liptstick in Circe.
3. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Sheer Mocha

Oh the wonders of makeup... ^_^

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CherryCulture Haul + EOTD

My order from cherryculture came in last week. I've been slacking so didn't really get the chance to post up the swatches. I think it's about time I do that. haha. Sorry guys, just bare with me..I'm trying to update.

L to R: Amuse Pearl 8-color palette in Princess Pearl. NYX Runway Collection Palette in Romance. NYX for your Eyes Only Palette for Brown Eyes. Amuse Flower Palette in Pink Princess.

and then I bought the NYX powder blush in Angel and NYX concealer in Beige.

I like everything A LOT, especially the NYX concealer. The coverage of the concealer is not too heavy and not too light, almost perfect. I love it! Surprisingly I'm liking it more than my LORAC concealer. The blush, although it looks very light, applies beautifully on the cheeks. The color just looks so natural. I'm really liking this blush as well.

Here's the swatches for each palette..

This is the NYX Runway Palette in Romance. (sorry for the bad lighting)

This is the NYX for your Eyes Palette in Brown.

This is the Amuse 8-color Palette

This is the Amuse Flower Palette. (the top and bottom far right ones are the blushes)

Although I like both of the Amuse Palettes, I found that it was kinda difficult trying to pick up the colors with my brushes. The texture is somewhat creamy. But the colors are very pigmented. For the prices that I paid for them, they were definitely worth it.

This is the result of some of the colors off some of the palettes..I've got really bad memory so I can't remember which colors I used. hahaha. (i did this look last week when i first received my package)

and yes, my momma blessed me with long lashes (yaay!) ^_^

Thanks for all the wonderful comments as well. It keeps me wanting to update. LOLz. so thanks guyss!! =]