Monday, August 10, 2009

Colin Jax Pham

Let me introduce you all to my little man =]

Colin Jax Pham
he's my reason to smile every day

Check out this cute little video I found of him. We took him to Virginia Beach for his 5th birthday this year and he absolutely loved it. ENJOY.

(sorry. i laugh like a cow. haha)

Daily Ramblings

I've been up since six this morning. The boyfriend woke me up as he was leaving for work, so I've been up ever since. So far I've gotten all my motherly duties taken care of (yaaay me!). I did the laundry, cleaned the room, made the rice, and cooked lunch. It feels good to actually spend some time at home, especially after 6 consecutive days of working. I've missed my pumpkin so much so today's gonna be HIS day (probably chuck-e-cheese, like always.haha). Gotta head back to the mall to return the MAC foundation I purchase the other day as well. The foundation itself I love, but the color does not suit me =/

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