Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vision Lounge

Went out last night with my hoochies. We had a BLAST! It feels good to be out and about again. I was starting to feel like an old grandma..

yours truly =)


Nicol said...

hot! ;D
love the outfits everyone was wearing :)

Winnie* said...

so hot! where did you get the dress from? Its so cute! and i love your makeup :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun! and you are totally stunning! I would have never guessed you ever had a child with that body<3

Love your blog and you-- I'm following~ ^___^<3

Miss. P

Vivian said...

i love your dress!!
did you ordered it online?

Liang said...

Looking fabulous here girl!!

lipstick cherry said...

hey love!
i'm having a blog sale on my blog, so feel free to check it out! =D

Silvia Couture said...

Looks like ya'll had fun!


Lala said...

love party pics, look great.
the song is amazing !!!

xoxo lala

come and visit me

Lyricallyness said...

Great Blog :)